Who Am I?

My name is Sarjit and I am pleased to announce that I am the candidate for the Federal NDP Party for the 2019 election.

I was born and raised in the Cowichan Valley and after completing my high school diploma I attended Malaspina University-College which later become Island University. In 1998 I moved to Surrey and continued my studies at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby. My education includes a BA in Sociology, MBA in Human Resources, Certificate in Liberal Studies and currently I am completing my studies in Family Mediation and Arbitration. I am a proud CPHR member and have been working in Human Resources for the past 17 years.

Though I have worked in a whole array of workplaces, my career in Human Resources has provided me the greatest insight into the opportunities, challenges and struggles faced by everyday Canadians. People who are committed to creating a future for themselves and their loved ones. People of all walks of life, coming together in the hopes of creating the best life possible. I have seen a diverse group of old and new Canadians enter the workforce with a determination to contribute and a desire to succeed, but face some barriers and obstacles that should not exist in todays modern society. I have also experienced some brave ones who have pushed past those obstacles to rise and become shining examples to us still on our journey.

Our mantra for Surrey Centre is “Our Families. Our Communities. Our Country. United As One!”  because society flourishes when we build our foundation with strength. When we join hands and work in unison, we create a synergy that has infinite possibilities.

When you vote NDP this fall, you will elect men and women like me who are committed to providing a voice to each and every Canadian. That’s our job!